The first completed Sky Villas are opened for viewing

Monday, 03 December, 2018

With the limited 45 residences of Serenity Sky Villas, a new sky villa concept of unique architectural style, exclusiveness and unbeatable panoramic view of the city for the richest citizens experiencing topmost living standard, SonKim Land is now pleased to welcome first visitors to on-site Mock-Up Units.


Sneak Preview of real experience of high-end living style in Serenity Sky Villa

Being an important part of Serenity Sky Villas project, opening of on-site Mock-Up units brings to prospective residents the original and unique experience of a true sky villa space, the first and the only one in the market now. Two fully furnished 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom units will reveal the true luxury living style, and a rare experience in Saigon.

Thanks to its golden location in prestigious District 3 in Ho Chi Minh City, it is only a short distance to the city center. The mock-up units are full versions of the real sky villa with all advantages such as the private pool and garden, altitude view, harmoniously balanced modern and tropical architect, and especially highlight of fully-glassed wall. From the master bedroom, villa owners can enjoy a peaceful and serene view from its project name. The Juliet balcony, inspired by Shakespeare’s famed play character will bring a friendly-nature and romantic feeling to the viewers. People could gaze to many proud heritages of history and architect and observe the gradual growth of a developing city day by day.


Honorable World class recognition

This limited edition project has gained a “hat-trick” of prestigious awards at the Asia Pacific Property Award event in May this year. Introduction of this master piece project together with the company’s two other award winning projects, Gateway Thao Dien, and The Nassim, SonKim Land has won the Best Luxury Boutique Developer in Vietnam and also in Asia. Serenity Sky Villas project has also been named as a nominee in the category of “Condominium Asia Pacific” at the “International Property Awards” in London in December 2018. This world class recognition is open to residential and commercial property professionals from around the globe to honor the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry. Serenity Sky Villas is judged in an extensive range of property disciplines by a highly experienced team of professionals from a world-renowned mark of excellence.


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SonKim Land wins IAIR Awards 2018

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SonKim Land wins IAIR Awards

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